4 Signs that Project Power 2 can happen

Project Power (2020) | Review, Cast and all details

Again and again, Netflix is proving that the day is not far when all the theaters will shut down and OTT platforms will rule the Entertainment industry. Netflix is investing a huge amount of money over filming Action and Sci-Fi movies. Theatre thrill and cool background music is provided by Netflix at home which is full value for money.

Though if we talk about Netflix’s new movie Project Power, it is full Action-packed with awesome VFX. This movie gives a strong competition to Venom (2018) by Sony pictures.

Factors or Signs that give clues of Project Power 2

1. Unique Concept

Project Power has a different kind of Sci-Fi Philosophy where a person can adopt various changes in his body of a specific animal. That pill is called a POWER PILL. This pill has the potential to unlock all the hidden and strange DNA genetics of the human body. It changes the Structure of cells, bones, and adapt the power of animals. In the movie, the whole storyline circles around the Power of the Pill which can be both good and harmful.

2. Realistic VFX effects

Project Power movie concentrates on Action Scenes to blow up their fan’s mind with realistic graphics and VFX effects. These effects do not make their viewer think about any lack of Thrill in the movie. Power different animal species were used as an inheritance to the pill taker. Chameleon, Wolverine Frogs, and other gigantic deadly creatures.

3. Crime Centric

The movie genre is Action, Crime, and Sci-Fi. With the passage of time, people are more likely to watch Crime, Thriller movies. Crime is a vital role in this movie in which unethical trails of pills were performed by selling pills to young teens. The main idea was to Revolutionize the generations of humans by unlocking all the abilities of DNA cells and genetics.

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4. Hidden and left Storyline

At the end of movie, Frank Shaver (NOPD police officer) ask Art (The Major) that is he out of this crime. After the Yes of Art, Frank Shaver said that its not over for him. It means NOPD will look more for these crime and a new Villian can appear in the next upcoming sequel.

Well at last, according to rumours and hellofmovies experts, Project Power 2 may happen in next year. Total chances are near around 40-50%.

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