Pirates of the Caribbean 6 | Release date, Cast and all details

Hello!! Johnny Depp fans. Well, there is a piece of Sad news by the way. As we know that the Pirates of the Caribbean is facing a downfall after every new release of the movie. This lead to hardly cover it’s expenses of movie production only. The estimated Production cost is very high and is a threat to the movie’s success in the box office.

pirates of the caribbean  6
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Expected Movie Details

The name of the movie could be Pirates of the Caribbean: Return of the Kraken as the Kraken is a sea monster used to live as a slave for Davy Jones. The movie could still have a higher budget as it’s still a pirate movie and may have some Comedy Scenes added. This time the storyline of the movies may be picked up from the past pirates of the Caribbean movies. The return of the Kraken could be the possible outcome as the movie’s timeline is not much based on its storyline. The Franchise is overly dependent upon the character of Jack Sparrow which is played by Johnny Depp. As Disney conveys that this time there may be no Captain Jack Sparrow. The Leading role of Pirate is being played by a female character which will soon be exposed by filmmakers.

**Therefore, till now, it is confirmed that 6th part of Pirates of the Caribbean won’t feature Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow.**

Pirates of the Caribbean 6

**Female Pirate will be in action replacing Jack Sparrow**

pirates of the caribbean 6

Fans want Jack Sparrow back

From the Year 2003, The movie franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean is totally dependent upon the role of Jack Sparrow. This Movies Series have nothing much in it excluding Jack’s role. The Movie always has a struggling storyline. Burden from scripting is being lessened by adding more and more VFX, action, and comedy scenes. In the absence of Jack Sparrow the leading role will be played by a female character which is against the wish of POTC fans. Going against the fans can lead to a serious failure of the movie and could lead to the end of this movie franchise.

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About POTC Franchise


  • Good VFX and animations
  • Best Make-up and Costumes
  • Well defined characters
  • Jack Sparrow’s best acting
  • Best Villian (Davy Jones)


  • Average Storyline
  • No Thrill
  • Sometimes contradicts its own facts
  • Not good as Expectations of fans

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